In response to the demand by artists for a productive place to work away from the pressures of city life we are setting up the Herrljunga Artist Residency offering individual living accommodation, cafe/restaurant, equipped studio spaces, screen printing, metal and wood workshop areas, and computer and digital facilities. The residency is housed in traditional Swedish cottages and the studios occupy a very spacious, cathedral-like barn, dating to around 1895. It is sited in a beautiful rural location in the Swedish countryside, surrounded by a rich and diverse landscape and ecology.

Artist accommodation, each equipped with small living area, shower and toilet  and mezzanine bedroom.

Cafe, Restaurant area with outside seating.

Open plan studios with screen printing workshop (right)


The main aim of Herrljunga Artist Residency is to provide a dedicated working environment for creative practitioners of all sorts, be they professional artists, designers, art school graduates and post-graduates or local community groups, schools and colleges.

The residency programme will include master classes, workshops, musical performances and lectures, as well as tours of the surrounding area by local residents.

With an overarching ecological focus the residency will celebrate an organic way of life. The surrounding woodlands, peaceful meadows and tranquil lakes are ‘a liberating experience’ for artists seeking an alternative to fast-paced and noisy city environments. The residency will provide an opportunity to combine artistic practice in well-equipped studios with self-sustainability through the cultivation of produce grown on the residency’s smallholding.

Residency Programmes

Herrljunga residents are expected to hold a degree or have equivalent artistic practice and experience.

At HAR we encourage open and wide ranging discussion on all aspects of creative art. The free exchange of ideas is built-in, as part of the residency’s programme of events. It is an essential tenet of the residency’s mission to promote intellectual and artistic freedom, both for the individual resident at HAR and as a way of enabling creative opportunities for the community as a whole.

Many internationally known, well respected and highly experienced professional artists, designers, musicians, composers, historians and scientists will deliver short courses, critiques of work, master classes and lectures, many of which will be open to the public.

At HAR we aim to provide working space, facilities and equipment for artists of all disciplines at different stages in their careers. We would, however, aim to cater for two main groups of students. Those wishing to processed though art academia or have recently graduated and those established artists who would benefit from an open, discusive environment to help with an up and coming exhibition or project.

This bringing together of various levels of experience is designed to help promote a cross pollination between individuals that may not gain such interaction working in their isolated, private studios. Students moving from BA to MA learn from those who have just graduated and those leaving education after many years will gain from the more established who in turn will gather a fresh perspective on their work.

By bringing together artists of all levels of ability and experience we hope to share and create, through teaching and learning, a ‘community of ideas’.

Cafe, Restaurant & Organic Farming

Herrljunga Artist Residency is set on four and a half achers of land near the small village of Mjaldrunga. We intend to use this land to create a small but abundant farm that’s main aim is to supply our cafe and restaurant with fresh, high quality ingredients to feed the students and local community.

With an interest in new, exciting farming and lifestyle processes from aquaponics to worm farming and waste recycling we would like to sustainably harvest as much from the property and surrounding woodland as possible.

The residents will be expected to dedicate a percentage of their stay helping to maintain the farm under guidance from staff. We hope this would give a great sense of achievement and bring about a feeling of ownership on seeing the produce they have helped to grow being served to the group.

Students will be served three meals a day, prepared by professional chief and restaurateur Chris May and encouraged to use these gatherings as an opportunity for further artistic discussion.

Meet The Team

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John studied Graphic Design at the Glasgow School of Art, he has recently been running The Wick Art Store (Stour Space East London) and Pen Pushers, an interactive creative workshop platform for young people. As well as curating exhibitions in London John is a practicing artist himself and artist assistant to David Noonan. He will be furthering his own artistic practice at the Royal College of Art from 2017-2019.



Mike spent his studies at both Glasgow School of Art and The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. He has worked on large scale art fabrication projects at Mike Smith Studios and spent over ten years working as a props, set and stage technician in many of London’s biggest theaters. After three years at Royal Holloway, University of London in their Media Arts Department he is currently working as the Specialist Technical Instructor in Painting and Mixed media at the world renowned  Royal College of Art.



Teddy studied Fine Art at UWE Bristol. He is the founder and creative director of Whitecross Street Party and Rise of the Nonconformists annual public art exhibition in London (now in its 8th year). He was art tutor at an LBI pupil referral unit, trained in ‘Team-teach’ and conflict resolution. Teddy also worked as social mentor with disaffected youth for the Children’s Social Services.  He is an experienced curator and creative facilitator, while continuing his own painting practice.



As head chef/owner, Chris’ high standards, broad knowledge, and attention to detail earned his first restaurant a Scottish Restaurant Awards nomination in its debut year.

25 years’ cooking experience, world travels, and exchange of ideas with hundreds of local chefs have fueled a lifelong passion for the social, cultural, agricultural, and culinary aspects of food.

A stint as an organic farmer in California kickstarted his interest in innovative, sustainable agriculture methods.

Previous Projects

The Wick Art Store

As practicing artists ourselves we believe that creative momentum is one of the key factors in the process of developing new concepts. Having to down-tools and travel to restock materials or seek technical advice can be disruptive to the flow of ideas.

In response to artist’s requests we set up The Wick Art Store at Stour Space Arts Centre to serve artists and designers in the arts community of Hackney Wick and Fish Island in east London. We offered a free delivery service, a materials resource, and technical information and advice.

Through it’s natural evolution The Wick Art Store developed a Creativity in the Community programme of events and the Pen Pushers workshops.

Pen Pushers Workshops

Stour Space Arts Centre and The Wick Art Store served and supported the local creative community. We created Pen Pushers workshops for young people of all ages, encouraging them to be creative, have fun and be as imaginative and inventive as they can be. Our Pen Pushers workshops are wide-ranging, adaptable and versatile platforms that can meet the ambitions of the next generation of artists and designers. Our workshops can also be designed, in consultation with artists and teachers, to meet the needs of particular projects and creative activities in the community, schools and colleges.

“Pen Pushers responded really quickly to a brief to engage families in festive activities on the Park during December. The large scale Christmas cards were a great success with children and adults having fun taking photos of themselves in the cards.”

“John Atherton and his Pen Pushers provided and ran excellent and engaging workshops for Your Park, Your Big Draw in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. I was impressed by his efficiency, professionalism and attention to detail. Most importantly he provided activities that were supremely popular with both adults and children, perfect for the family audience that The Big Draw attracts”.

Whitecross Street Party

The ‘Whitecross Street Party’: ‘The Rise of the Nonconformists’ started back in 2010 when a small team of disorganisers took inspiration from the local dissenter’s graveyard. This hallowed ground where William Blake’s spirit was laid to rest provides the perfect setting for the event which encourages peaceful non-conformists to rise once again.

The lively street art party and two month exhibition is choreographed and curated by City YMCA London working with artist Teddy Baden. The annual event is supported by the London Borough of Islington, and is one of London’s most unique street art experiences. It’s been providing London with that rare cocktail which can only be made with interactive community spirits, mixed with a heavy splash of urban art and a large dash of the unexpected. Not to forget a very large self-deprecating cherry on top! It’s a brilliant family-friendly event for both the avid art lover and those that like something a bit different.

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